GetSet Communications Website Development and Search Engine Optimization
  • Online Business Marketing

    GetSet! Communications

    15 years of industry experience!

    We have been an industry leader for over 15 years, with security and customer service our primary goal. We also use the latest software and hardware on our own Windows and Linux servers in top of the line facilities.

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  • Website Development

    Website Development

    The Marketing of your Business

    We work with your to get the most out of your Internet business. Getting the proper website up that is suitable is only the start,  we set up your website so that get you can be found in the major search engines and easy truly functional to the tasks you want it to do.

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  • Graphic Design

    Graphic Design

    That will stand out and get you noticed!

    To make sure we can help you in all your marketing endeavors we make sure that your website is of the latest design and functional to get the most out of your Internet presence. Plus we always keep website ranking in the search engine foremost so that you can get found as well as noticed.

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  • Search Engine Optimization

    Search Engine Optimization

    Make sure you are found in Google, Yahoo and Bing

    We have been working with search engines like Google for many years and we have our own promotional websites to help you get the rankings you need in Google, Bing and Yahoo to make your website as profitable as possible.

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  • Website Hosting on Business Class Servers

    Website Hosting

    Business Class Servers

    GetSet! Communications Inc. servers are co-located at the main hub for the Internet in Vancouver B.C. Our servers are Windows and Linux based with 24/7 monitoring and redundant Internet access in case of primary access failure.

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  • E-Commerce and Content Management Systems

    E-Commerce Shopping Carts

    Flexibility, Convenience, and Informative Decisions.

    E-Commerce Shopping Carts developed and customized to fit any product. Your business can be open 24/7 everywhere in the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are people going to find my website on the Internet when there are so many other websites online?

We have been in the business of promoting websites for over 15 years. We have promotional websites as well as various levels of Search Engine Ranking packages. Search engine ranking is very important because it helps bring potential clients to your website. We can put in as much time as you need or want to get the most out of your website.

Some of our promotional sites:

Building BC = 30,000 visits last year.
GetSet! for Health - 65,000 visits last year.
Gardening BC  = 74,000 visits last year.
Biz BC = 5,000 visits last year.
Angling BC = with over 220,000 visits last year.

Can I depend on search engine rankings to make my website a success?

High rankings on the search engines are the major source of visitors for many websites that is why we have search engine marketing packages to help you get on top of your competition.  Also don't forget off-line advertising it can attract viewers who may not use the Internet on a regular basis and help brand your website. This can be done simply by including your website address on business cards, brochures, catalogs, posters, answering machines, emails, invoices, letter head, envelopes, your vehicle. So you need to cover online as well as off line traffic but for online search engines are the way to go.

How will I know who is visiting my website?

We can provide a monthly statistics package that will show you how many visitors your website receives per month as well as, which countries and search engines they come from, how long they stay on each page, and where they exit from.

I have a website already and it hasn't done me any good. Why should I bother with another one?

Perhaps your current website just needs to be updated and promoted. You may want to consider a website renovation and continuous promotion.  Also the standards for how a search engine will rank a website changes a lot every year so what worked before probably doesn't work now.

We have a great Search Engine Optimization program where we work together month to month to help your website achieve the best search engine rankings possible.

I have a relative/friend that can make websites. Why should I spend the money on a professional company?

We believe a website should present the same qualities and characteristics that your customers experience when they walk through your door. Going with a professional company will ensure a well organized, well maintained website that will incorporate your current marketing strategies. Some of the problems with designing in-house include broken links, large or unclear graphics, unorganized information, inconsistent navigation, and little to no online promotion once the website is complete; it can also be very time consuming and frustrating. The professional look of a website will encourage people to buy from you as it builds trust that you are professional in all your dealings.

What do I have to do or supply to have my website created?

We will need you to supply the content for all the pages decided upon. You will not need to organize it, or lay it out or format it in any way; we handle all of this for you. After supplying us with information you will occasionally need to confirm or make changes to our work in progress.

How long will it take before my website is live online?

Your website can be completed as fast as a couple of weeks after we have all the required information. Large databases will take longer.

Work Request

Case Study

Canadian In-Store
Canadian In-Store Merchandising has over 75 merchandisers across Canada servicing several large retail outlets. They required a quick method to submit time reports, photos and produce reports specific to the vendors they support. Payroll needed to be able to login to get the reports. Vendors and retail outlets also needed to login to see their product photos and reports.

Our Solution:

Our development team came up with a custom solution, tailor made for their requirements. The result: The time needed to process the payroll and generate billing was reduced from weeks to a few days, merchandisers were able to complete their paperwork in a fraction of the time and the vendors now can view their product displays in stores across Canada with the click of a mouse.