GetSet Communications Website Development and Search Engine Optimization
  • Online Business Marketing

    GetSet! Communications

    15 years of industry experience!

    We have been an industry leader for over 15 years, with security and customer service our primary goal. We also use the latest software and hardware on our own Windows and Linux servers in top of the line facilities.

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  • Website Development

    Website Development

    The Marketing of your Business

    We work with your to get the most out of your Internet business. Getting the proper website up that is suitable is only the start,  we set up your website so that get you can be found in the major search engines and easy truly functional to the tasks you want it to do.

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  • Graphic Design

    Graphic Design

    That will stand out and get you noticed!

    To make sure we can help you in all your marketing endeavors we make sure that your website is of the latest design and functional to get the most out of your Internet presence. Plus we always keep website ranking in the search engine foremost so that you can get found as well as noticed.

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  • Search Engine Optimization

    Search Engine Optimization

    Make sure you are found in Google, Yahoo and Bing

    We have been working with search engines like Google for many years and we have our own promotional websites to help you get the rankings you need in Google, Bing and Yahoo to make your website as profitable as possible.

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  • Website Hosting on Business Class Servers

    Website Hosting

    Business Class Servers

    GetSet! Communications Inc. servers are co-located at the main hub for the Internet in Vancouver B.C. Our servers are Windows and Linux based with 24/7 monitoring and redundant Internet access in case of primary access failure.

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  • E-Commerce and Content Management Systems

    E-Commerce Shopping Carts

    Flexibility, Convenience, and Informative Decisions.

    E-Commerce Shopping Carts developed and customized to fit any product. Your business can be open 24/7 everywhere in the world.

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About Us

GetSet! Communications Inc. was established in 1995 with a vision to make it as easy as possible for businesses to get an effective online presence. Over the years we've accomplished this by bringing a multitude of services together through specialized staff and partnerships. We continue to be at the fore front of marketing on the Web and look forward to helping you get the most out of your website.

Why GetSet! Communications?


Have been providing custom solutions for over 16 years
Internet Marketing Services for over 10 years
Have a professional graphics and coding team
Have our promotional websites to help you get the most exposure possible.

Customer Service

We are responsive to our clients' needs, and assist them in a timely manner. Please see our Testimonials page for references or send a question to and find out for yourself.

Work Request

Case Study

Aquaventures came to us to get a website so he could compete against other fishing guides.

Our Solution :

Aqua Ventures' customers spend more time fishing and less time online with this state of the art reservation form. The administrator of this website has full access to edit pages, add new tour packages, view his new orders and online customer list, and send out email updates or specials.