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Search Engine Ranking and Google (October 2008)

October 5, 2008

GoogleGoogle is changing its ranking systems again! More than just the usual tweaks, they are changing what they feel is more relevant for where a website should show in the search engine. Links to your website were a big issue, it is still an issue but of less importance. What has come up is website relevance and especially if your website is stale or not.

Relevance will be if people go right back to the search engine after viewing your website so if you don't have what they are looking for and then go back to the search engine to try again, your website will get penalized (or go further down the results) for next time. The other has always been an issue, if you don't keep updating your website (keep it fresh) you will go down the list. So keep your website fresh and worthwhile to viewers and you will do fine, don't and you will see that you will lose from your website going way down on the search results.